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Yvonn Coleman-Larson

Visiting Clinician

Yvonn Coleman-Larson is a USDF certified instructor and is relatively new to the New England area, having come from Colorado where she had a 10-year position as head instructor and trainer at a large facility in Boulder. She is originally from Denmark and began her equestrian career under a formal 10 year apprenticeship with Arne Hansen, an Oberbereiter and top Danish rider. Although her primary focus is dressage, she has a good foundation in all aspects of equestrian disciplines including jumping and eventing.

Yvonn's equestrian education covers 25 years and two continents. Besides the 10-year apprenticeship in Denmark, she was an assistant trainer in Europe for 4 years under Knud Jensen. In the U.S., she participated in one of the first USDF Certified Instructors programs, followed by the L-Judge program. Since then, she has continued her education through seminars, clinics and various *USDF University* programs. She stays involved through yearly trainer symposiums and served a stint as RMDS Education Coordinator where she developed an entry level curriculum for new riders and began work on a book with a working title *Introduction to Dressage and Horse Management*.

From a professional standpoint, she has trained and competed successfully at all levels. In her capacity as instructor, she has taught hundreds of students of all ages and abilities. She has also given regular clinics at different facilities in the western part of the U.S. In her capacity as L-Judge, she continues to judge about 15 shows a year in New England.

She enjoys keeping her own riding skills fine-tuned through yearly Clinics with top European Instructors such as Kyra Kyrklund, Klaus Balkenhal, Josh Severiens, Lars Petersen and others, as well as, training her own young warmblood prospects at home. She is an instructor with a strong foundation in theoretical knowledge combined with practical real-life experience in all facets of the equestrian world; including training, teaching and judging.

Few Words from Yvonn.... I love teaching and enjoy the daily interaction and excitement of working with students and other like-minded horse people. Overall, I view that working with students and keeping them motivated while helping them achieve their goals is one of the strengths that I bring to the instructor-rider relationship. I have a very good eye and can see the nuances of the horse-rider interconnection and am able to translate what I see in terms that students can understand and apply in their own riding once the lesson is over. I look forward to possibly working with you and your horse in an upcoming clinic. Warm Regards, Yvonn