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Foals 2006


Shaylee was born July 2, 2006 chestnut Approved ISR/OLDNA filly sired by Elite Hanoverian Stallion Scimitar out of MMB TB/Holsteiner Kathmandu. Kat was a hunter ridden by reknowned rider Scott Stewart. Shaylee is super athletic! Great event horse, jumper, dressage. Another easy going horse, but a smart one!!! Can really see this girl hitting the big jumps. Currently just shy of 16 hands. Her full sister is 16.3 1/2 hands, I don't think she'll get that big, but a very nice body. Due to being a filly we may take terms.

Shaylee has 90 days of professional training under her in 2010. She spent 30 days with a local trainer and the next 60 days in Maine with an Upper Level dressage trainer. She took the 17 hour trip completely by herself with no problems. Shaylee w/t/c on lunge line (on the flat and over poles). Free jumps, crossties, trailers, bathes and clips beautifully. Shaylee is a super affectionate mare who loves attention - not marish! She has great work ethic with a very willing and quiet attitude (there is absolutely no bolt in her). Shaylee is very sure footed with three solid gaits. IF you are looking for a very quiet, even tempered horse with lovely conformation to do well in any discipline, Shaylee is the horse for you! She naturally carries her head parallel to the ground; has a super soft mouth. She competed at her first event, November 2010. She had her first show of this season in June, placing 3rd out of 13 in Elementary. She also just had her first cross country clinic with Pam Wiedemann, specifically working on ditches, water and banks. She never batted an eye! Pam said she had the opposite problem of the other horses, lets give her a little energy. Rushing is not in her vocabulary. Has done schooling at Fair Hill - for fun we put her in front of Intro and 2 novice fences, took them with a go to attitude. But what is great about this girl, she never rushes a fence and no matter how big or wide, she tempo's out after the fence. She can do any discipline, we just like to get them out eventing to get used to everything. She can be a hunter or a straight dressage horse as well. Price will increase as her training furthers along. Please contact us for more information or pictures. $12,000 Can be seen after 3:30 Monday-Friday and on weekends as long as there are no shows. Can view under foals 2006, then click on Shaylee. Also pictures under Facebook page of recent schooling. Located in Delta, PA

Pictured at 6 Weeks Old
at ISR/OLDNA Inspection


Can I have some water please?

Ahh, better.

Shaylee with Willow

Shaylee, Willow, Wahkona, Warrick
Shaylee with Wahkona and Warrick looking over Willow
Pictured at 1 1/2 years old
Warrick and Shaylee
Willow and Wahkona in back with Shaylee and Warrick in front
Shaylee in front with Warrick, Wahkona, and Willow
Willow and Shaylee
Poor Shaylee at inspection

Shaylee's First Show

Shaylee Standing Shaylee from the side

Shaylee schooling quietly
Shaylee schooling
Shaylee schooling
Shaylee schooling
Shaylee schooling Shaylee schooling

Shaylee entering the stadium
Shaylee entering the stadium

Shaylee's first jump ever at a show with only two days of schooling at home

Shaylee's 1st jump
Shaylee jumping

Shaylee jumping - back shot
Backshot of Shaylee jumping

Shaylee in the stadium course
Shaylee during her stadium course

Shaylee finishing stadium jumping
Shaylee finishing up stadium jumping

Shaylee last cross county jump
Last jump on the cross county course for Shaylee

Shaylee hanging out
Shaylee just hanging out at the show

Halloween At The Farm 2010

Clinic with Pam Wiedemann
July 2011

Tranquility Trials
June 2011

Schooling at home
June 2011

Free jumping
May 2011

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